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Il nostro repertorio

Spiritual e Gospel contemporaneo

Il nostro repertorio segue il percorso storico della musica nera e comprende work song, brani Spirituals ed infine Gospel contemporanei, sia movimentati che worship song (canti di adorazione). Per alcuni brani troverai testi e traduzioni.

  1. Anthem of praise 
  2. Amazing grace 
  3. Amen

  4. Banana boat song 

  5. Carol of the bells
  6. Days of Eliajah
  7. Draw me close
  8. Every Praise
  9. Freedom 

  10. Give me that old time religion 

  11. Glorious day 

  12. Glory glory halleluja
  13. Go tell it on the mountain

  14. God cares

  15. Goin' up yonder 

  16. Going up to the high places

  17. Great day

  18. Hail Holy Queen
  19. Halleluja (L. Cohen)
  20. Halleluja (rev. k. Moncrief)
  21. Hallelujah to the king of king  

  22. Halleluja salvation and glory  (Revelation)

  23. He has done marvellous things

  24. I'm gonna sing 'til the spirit moves in my heart  

  25. I open my mouth 

  26. I will wait

  27. Jesus is alive

  28. Jesus is the answer  

  29. Jesus lover of my soul

  30. Keep your lamps 
  31. Lean on me
  32. Lord, I know I've been changed
  33. More
  34. My good Lord done been here
  35. Oh come, Emmanuel
  36. Oh happy day
  37. Oh holy night
  38. Perfect praise (Oh Lord, how excellent)
  39. Psalm 8 
  40. Real party
  41. Rockin' Jerusalem
  42. Soon and very soon 
  43. Soon they will be done
  44. Total praise 
  45. White Christmas
  46. Wade in the water
  47. You won't find a man like Jesus